Student Showcase

CCBC students who participated in studying The Truth About Stories by Thomas King submitted their work of any genre, in any discipline to be considered for our CBC Spring Student Showcase!

Native Americans: The Hippies of Hollywood
Madeline Stanger
Communications 150
Prof. Beth Baunoch

The Human Race and Genetics
Krystle Felder, Baohan Huynh, Chaya Levin, Niya Carroll, Edgar Zelaya
Biology 101
Prof. Encarni Trueba

The Savage Warrior
Mixed Media
Renee Markel
MCOM 150 Movies: History and Art
Prof. Beth Baunoch


The Hippie Indian
Animoto Film
Matt Stiltner
History 150
Beth Baunoch

Race is Not Biology
Naya Betters, Ariana Hall-Dye, Opeyemi Akinrotimi, DeAndre Brown, Arooj Zia
BIO 110
Prof. Trueba

I believe whatever you love, you take care of, and I love my hair.
ye pryor
Prof. Jessica Walton


Gold Wems
ARTD 106
Prof. Jessica Walton

Why You Are Not the Indian I Had in Mind: Dispelling Biological Classification of Race Through Genetics
research paper
Ashley O'Brien, Jennifer Alexander, Kafee Choi, Enrico Bailey, Madison Benner
Biology 110
Prof. Encarni Trueba

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?
Mixed Media
Jessica Pieper
ARTD 110
Prof. Jessica Walton


Visual Narratives: Revising and Celebrating Identity
Mixed Media Painting/Drawing
Jasmine Griffin
ARTD 110 - Two-Dimensional Design
Prof. Jessica Walton

The Ballad of the 38 Dakota
Nate Yielding
English 102 and Music 110
Prof Kim Jensen and Prof Clint McCallum

Jakeira Frost
2D Design
Prof. Jessica Walton


True Colors
Photo Series
Kaylah Heath
2-Dimensional Design
Prof. Jessica Walton

My White Name is Mary
Creative Essay
Zoe Santiago
English 102
Dr. Kim Jensen

Personal Identity
Digital Painting
Terence Brady
Art History II Honors
Prof. Jessica Walton


Breaking Gender Stereotypes
Ermina Ayyaz
ARTD 106
Prof. Jessica Walton

Body Image: Learn to Love Yourself (Series)
Mya Smith
History of Art ll
Prof. Jessica Walton

Doesn't Feel Like Home
Angelica Putinski
Art History 102
Prof. Jessica Walton


The World
Digital Painting
Zoe Sanders Gwin
2D design
Prof. Jessica Walton

What is Race?
Christine Arthur, Natalie Agyapong-Boateng, Emisi E. Bashonga, Dominique Cornish, Michelle Currence
Biology 101
Prof. Encarni Trueba