Propose a Book

To propose a book, please click on this link to the CBC Book Proposal Form.

The Community Book Connection is now accepting book proposals throughout the academic year. We are looking for books that are well-written, accessible, and engaging. We are enthusiastic about texts that are relevant for multiple academic disciplines and departments. Whether fiction, non-fiction, theatre, or poetry, the works we select are those that that connect classroom learning to social issues in the larger community. On a more direct note, we are no longer considering books that are over 400 pages.

Propose a CBC Event

One aspect that distinguishes the Community Book Connection from many collegiate reading programs is that we host a wide variety of co-curricular events throughout the entire academic year. These events are a way to enlarge and enhance the discussion of the book on campus. We have sponsored lectures, panel discussions, debates, field trips, theater, dance and musical performances, art exhibits, creativity contests, service learning programs, and many more types of exciting programs.

Anyone within the CCBC community is invited to propose and plan a CBC event or program.The person who proposes an event does the initial planning, however the CBC committee is involved every step of the way, helping with funding, coordination, publicity, and other important logistics.

If you would like to learn more about how CBC event planning works, please email your campus CBC coordinator:


Lauren Pollak


Lakshmi Rajkumar